+++OBSTACLE NAMING CONTEST++ Our partner Deutsche KinderKrebshilfe and we like to present you: OBSTACLE 12

Hello hello StrongmanRunner, today is Thursday again, and we really think: time flies until the 9th of May!!!

So we need a lot of support from you to find a creative and strong name for this strong obstacle which is presented by the Deutsche KinderKrebshilfe.

If you reach this obstacle you will need a little strength and the goal to go up!

What you have to expect: 2 seacontainers, a wood construction and of course some ropes. We recommend to help each other, together it´s always easier. So have fun, take care and RUN!!!!

Hard Facts:

+++ 2 seacontainers

+++ 18 bales of straw

+++ 2 square meters of wood

+++ ropes

+++ height 2,4 m

+++ width 12 m

+++ length 10 m

Be creative an win! Today you again have the chance to win cool Brooks shoes!
Send us an email with the subject: „OBSTACLE 12″ until April 23rd to info@strongmanrun.de.

The jury chooses a happy winner!

Have fun!

Your Fisherman´s Friend StrongmanRun Orga Team!