This week is the week of fun! Who thought that there wouldn´t be a waterslide this year was all way wrong!

We are so happy to present  OBSTACLE 17 to you  – MOUNT BUTTMORE.

What you need here is especially strength, power and a little talent to climb.

Climb over the bales of straw up to the seacontainers, then over the net higher to further seacontainers.  Here´s the highest point of MOUNT BUTTMORE.

From here you only need your butt and a lot of fun. Go down the waterslide: we want to hear you scream!!!!

Take a short bath in the refreshing pool, get out and move on!

Just one more obstacle and you´re done!!!!

Hard Facts:

+++ 100 bales of straw

+++ 12 seacontainers

+++ 1 climbing net

+++ W-A-T-E-R-S-L-I-D-E

+++ water

+++ length ca. 45 m

+++ width ca. 18 m

+++ height ca. 7m


Your Fisherman´s Friend Orga Team