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These guys are serious! The crest will stay forever! Ramon and Tino, with us you are also sentenced lifelong – for your tatoo you will get a Wild Card for as long as you are able to run!!!



Dear StrongmanRunner,

because you have a lot of questions around the night run FERROPOLIS 2015 we give you a few FACTS about the run.

We will start at 10 pm – so it will be dark, but not that dark you can´t see anything!

We put around 30 floodlights, especially in the near of the obstacles!
Additionally we will have Neonlights, a big Lasershow, Special Effects and a lot more!!

The run will be 23km which will be Illuminate by us, so you can see the important things 🙂

We want to run with you the NIGHT OF YOUR LIFES!

It´s gonna be dark, it´s gonna be colourful, impressive and unforgettable!!!

Who´s in?


Re-orders of the StrongmanRun collection 2015, change of your data and transmission of starting places is now possible !!!

You want to order some stuff of the Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun collection 2015, but you missed it during your registration for the Nürburgring or Ferropolis? No problem. We have now set the option to re-order for you. The change of your data and the transmission of starting places to another person is now possible.

Re-order collection
You can pass to the login area via the registration list. There you can log in with your log-in data (user name and password of the application). The events Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun 2015 at the Nürburgring or Ferropolis are listed there. In the event table on the right you can click on EDIT“ and get to an overview page with your data. Just click on CONTINUE“, select collection part, quantity and size and order.

Note: size changes and/or cancellations are not accepted online. If you want to make a size change or cancellation, please send an email to eventservice@strongmanrun.de.

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Advance shipment
Ordered textiles can be collected together with the starter package at Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun Nürburgring or Ferropolis. Moreover, for 8.90 it is possible that we send you the complete package right home. You will receive your starter package early/mid April 2015. Should you wish an advance shipment, you can book this service until 03.15.2015 at the latest. It works the same as the ordering of the collection.

Data changes and modification/registration of a team name
Changes of address and/or a change of the team name is possible online until 15/04/2015. Simply log in via the login page and on „Personal Data“ you can change the data. If you have chosen the advance shipment, you can only change the team name until 15/03/2015.

Transmission of starting places
Your starting place for the Nürburgring or Ferropolis can be transferred to another person now, if it is not possible for you to start at the race. Again you have to log in on the login page. With the input mask there you can rebook your participation to another person. You have to select Transfer starting place on the event table. Important for the re-registration is the data of the new person (name, address, date of birth, email). After that the original starter will receive an email that confirms that the transfer of the starting place was initiated. The new starter will also receive an email with an access code. With this code, he can log in via the login page. Then the new starter must complete the registration. Only then the re-registration is completed. The nwe starter has to pay 12.50 processing fee, which will be charged and collected directly from the login account of the new starter. The Promoter assumes no responsibility for the refund of the entry fee for the originally notified person. The original starter will be refunded all costs in short, apart from the entry fee and the purchased chip. It’s up to the original starter and the new starter if they split the costs or if the new startet pays the entry fee completely. The re-registration to another person without advance shipment is available until 15/04/2015. A change of registration to another participant with advance shipment is possible up to 15/03/2015. After that, no more transfers can be made.

Note: The passing of the starting number to another runner is expressly prohibited! We will have some checkups whether each runner matches with his or her starting number. Any violation will result in immediate disqualification from the race.

Any questions? Feel free to post them below!

After the run is before the Run: Register now for the Fisherman's Friend StrongmanRun 2015 in Ferropolis!

StrongmanRunner! A little more then two months ago you’ve tortured yourself through water and mud and have overcome 30 obstacles! That was a really strong performance and we look forward to the second round in Ferropolis.


On August 15, 2015 you can expect the first Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun night run at the incredible scenery of Ferropolis. Be there and register NOW!

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