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THX for joining in. The naming contest is finished.

It’s high time. The last unnamed obstacle lies in front of you. Send your ideas and suggestions via email to info@strongmanrun.de.
Subject: Obstacle 17 
The best suggestion will win the last pair of Brooks Cascadia is waiting for the new owner. Deadline is the 20th of April 2014.


Obstacle 17
Put your yourself together for the last time, collect your strength and get on the last obstacle. Again your climbing skills are in demand. Grab your hands into the wooden structure, then pull yourself up high to the overseas container, jump over the two hurdle made of straw bales and you’ve done it. At least until round 2! DON’T CRY – RUN!

+++ wooden structure
+++ 2 overseas container
+++ 145 bales of straw
+++ Width: about 12 m
+++ Length: 20 m
+++ Height: about 3 m

Trackmap 2014

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-16 um 11.55.12


THX for the name MOUNT BUTTMORE!!!

You are like big kids and can not get enough of sliding – we know that. Therefore you get a spectacular second slide obstacle, right in the paddock. But what’s still missing is a fantastic name for it. So become creative, come up with something cool and maybe win a new pair of running shoesCascadia from Brooks.

How it works
Simply email us your proposals with the subject “obstacle 16″ toinfo@strongmanrun.de. Deadline: 17th of April. And cross your fingers. The best suggestion wins.


obstacle 16
Who wants to slide from the top, must first come to the top. The first hurdle is made of straw bales. The required height you get with the help of superimposed overseas containers that are build on top of each other in two major steps. In between there is a network. But only when you have managed to overcome the net you may be on the second stage from which you can finally slide downhill on your butt. But beware, those who are acrophobic should close their eyes! SLIDE ON!

Hard Facts
+++ Width of about 18m
+++ Length: about 100 m
+++ 18 overseas container
+++ 1 network
+++ wooden structure
+++ Car tires
+++ Approx. 90 bales of straw
+++ slide surface approximately 630 m2

installation scribbles



Der Streckenplan
Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-14 um 12.41.52