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First Hard Facts of the world’s strongest obstacle course in Ferropolis 2014!!!

Unbelievable huge, phat THANK YOU to all Fisherman’s Friend Strongman Runner for this incredible, unforgettable premiere in Ferropolis!

You made it and you have presented an awesome performance. We definitely come back!


Hard Facts
1.946 out of 2.456 registered runners dared to start, thereof 1.649 men and 297 women.
The distance was 11.5 kilometers per round for a total of 23 km. 15 obstacles had to be overcome in each round.

Here are the winners and here are the TEMPORARY RESULTS!

The first three men
The winner with a clear lead of more than one minute is Knut Höhler (1.33.09). We are glad that you have participated and congratulate on your victory. The second place took Felix Grelak (1.34.27), third place Charles Franzke (1.36.09). Congratulations to the winners and of course to all runners that have passed the finishing line.

The first women
Also Iki was able to leave all female runners behind.
1. Iki Feil (1.46,45)
2. Anne Barber (1.52.08)
3. Eileen Arndt (2.00.31)

You can find the most outstanding photos in our facebook gallery, at Instagram or FlickR

Photos of all participants by sportograf.com
These will be online soon. You can sign in here to receive a message when they are uploaded.

To be guaranteed one of the much sought-after grids, we definitely recommend the pre- registration:

–          Pre-registration Nürburgring 2014
–          Pre-registration Ferropolis 2014


And for the ones that still haven’t a sufficiency, we recommend our further StrongmanRun Events, that take place all over Europe. For more information HERE

Information about frame programme and terrain for visitors and participants

The time has almost come and we are ready for the premier in Ferropolis. Today we provide a few important information about the frame program for visitors and participants. First of all you can find the track map here where all relevant information is listed for you. We recommend you to download and print it. Spectators will be able to get to all important places along the track.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-28 um 13.05.52

For printing out our TRACK MAP: FFSMR14_Streckenplan_FER.
There will be several catering stalls along the track.

On Friday you are allowed to drive your car to the arena, on Saturday we ask you to park on the signposted car park. There will be a shuttle bus that brings you from there to the terrain. Driving to the arena by car is not possible on Saturday.

track visiting
You are allowed to visit the track on Saturday morning from 8 am and to have a look at the obstacles.

food, beverage & music
The snack and beverage stalls are opened in the arena from 4 pm where you get everything the heart desires. On Saturday you get coffee and rolls in the arena from 8 am. To that time all the other snack stalls will be opened as well.

Tropic Kick soccer pinball by Fisherman’s Friend
Furthermore, Fisherman’s Friend has put up a life-sized pinball for you where you can proof your soccer talent.


The Pasta-Party takes place in the Orangerie from 7.30 pm till 9.30 pm (first come first serve). Over there all runners can refresh themselves. We ask you to follow the signs on-site.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-29 um 16.16.08

music entertainment & Bands
On Friday DJ Paytric supplys you with powerful sound from the main stage from 4pm. For further music entertainment we offer three phat bands on our main stage: the first concert of the band BLEWETT starts on our stage at 7pm. At 8.30pm INFACT does itself the honour. Around 11pm follows the band STORYTELLER.
Of course we provide phat music on Saturday. Your can look forward to an exciting show with our presenter Marco, our bands NO MAX and INFACT and of course DJ Paytric.

Any questions left?
So write a comment below.

Strong regards, your Orga Team

Ferropolis 2014 – The most important infos before you start!

Dear Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRunner!

Countdown for the premiere of the Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun Ferropolis 2014 is running. Only a few days and the clock is ticking fast.  Here you’ll find the most important information of the strongest race of all times in Ferropolis – the Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun 2014. Please READ, LEARN BY HEART AND SHARE! Und keep in mind: We will add these information regularly. So always check twice.

Bildschirmfoto 2013-05-03 um 13.30.15

Hand out of starter kits
The hand out of the starter kits will be held on Friday, 29th of August from 12.00 until 9.00 pm and on Saturday, 30th of August, from 07.30 until 11.30am at the Orangerie. Please try to pick up your stuff on Friday to prevent long waiting times on Saturday. Please bring your passport or at least a copy of your passport to pick up your starter kit. The Orangery will be signposted.

The exact address is
Ferropolis Str. 1, 06773 Gräfenhainichen

Starting signal will be on Saturday, 30th of August 12 o’clock!
You are allowed to access the track from 8am and have a look at the obstacles.

And here is a quick summary of all important advices
1. Please read the Announcement

2.Please read the frequently asked questions – our FAQs

3. Arrival
Please try to arrive on Friday, travelling on Saturday is a lot of hassle! HERE you can find ride shares.

4. Parking
There are plenty parking areas around the event area. Please follow the instructions of our parking supervisors and signs. The parking fee is 3 Euro per car for the entire weekend.

5. Accommodation/Camping
Who wants to sleep directly at the event area can stay at the campsite and book the Ferropolis camping ticket with the registration. Costs 20€ per person from Friday – Sunday (29.-31.08.2014). Deadline for online booking is August 24th. If you have registered already you can still book the campsite. Just log in with your log in data and book it as additional service (only possible until 24th of August online). If you want to book the campsite at the event weekend, please check the trouble & Infocounter at the Orangerie.

– Booking only possible from Friday until Sunday
– Inkl. Toilettes
– Inkl. Showers (warm water)
– Car can be taken to the tend
– Limited to 4.000 tickets

6. framework programm
There will be a Pre-Run-Party on Friday and a After-Show-Party on Saturday night for all of you. We have cool drinks, bands, DJs, a life sized Tropic Kick football flipper from Fisherman’s Friend and much more to offer. There will be some breakfast booths on Saturdaymorning on the event area (open from 7.30h). Also there is a big supermarket at the entrance of the event area, who offers whatever a sportsman or a camper need.
Pasta Party: Friday from 19.30 – 21.30h at the Orangerie (pelase follow the signs Orangerie/Starterkits)
– Pasta Napoli 5 Euro per portion
– Pasta Bollognese 6,50 Euro per portion
*only as long as supplies last!

7. Track map and all obstacles you can find HERE

8. For the start get yourself set up according your fitness level: The fastest in the first third, the ambitious in the second third and the dressed up in costumes rather in the back. The following things shall not be brought to the start area.Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-19 um 14.33.48


9. Pre/After photos
Our partner sportograf will take photos from all of you. Not only on the track and at the obstacles but also take pre and after portraits from all runners. We will build a big tend in the start area and after the race in the finisher zone. You photos can be ordered HERE.

10. Pre-register HERE without any commitment for Ferropolis 2015. Only with pre-registration you have a chance to get one of the limited starting places and benefit from a better price!

11. Are you on the starter list? If not or if you have any other questions send an Email to the Orga Team info@strongmanrun.de.

Last but not least and most important: Have fun, take care of each other and help each other!!!

Write your question here in the blog so everyone can benefit from our answers!

Looking forward seeing you in Ferropolis!!!

Your Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun Project Team

Here it is – the official movie of the Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun 2014 Germany, Nürburgring

We proudly present… the official movie …


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Music: DONOTS „Das neue bleibt beim Alten“

Here it is – the official movie of the Fisherman's Friend StrongmanRun 2014 Germany, Nürburgring

We proudly present… the official movie …


Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von YouTube.
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Video laden

Music: DONOTS „Das neue bleibt beim Alten“